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Have you ever discovered yourself struggling to read the text on a site? It is not ideal, and if you are like most of the frequent web users, you just don’t have time for that nonsense.One most typical website mistake is – text that is too complicated to interpret. Body text must be above 14px & all body copy must be in a Sans Serif font, so it is more compatible & reader-friendly across device types. If you’ve difficulty in reading the text of your website on a mobile device, it is time to talk to your web designer in Rockville.This is perhaps the 1st step towards a bad user experience. It greets a user to leave your website, but there is no back button for them to return to. Opening more than one browser windows simultaneously not just makes navigation a pain, and they eat up bandwidth – which can slow down the users’ device & basically ruin their entire online browsing experience. To get more information call us at +1-202-322-7538.


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    Our Rockville website design company specializes in building sites that engage users & ensures a visual storytelling. We create websites for small to medium businesses using our years of experience and expertise in the industry. Contact the best web design company in Rockville.....

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