Tips about posting your website information on these sites:

  • Go for a unique title and description, remember unique doesn’t mean complex and unknown. It should be understandable by the crowd but with a lesser competition for best results.
  • Keep the content updated, fresh and GENUINE. Plagiarism really exacerbates the ranking. If possible hire a professional, to produce an error-free, genuine and quality description for your website.
  • Don’t bookmark multiple URLs of your website, save it for only the ones you think are worth sharing. Avoid spamming!
  • Be careful while choosing the correct keywords and category while posting it. Relevant category should be selected to attract the crowd you wish your website to reach. Don’t overflow the keyword box with more than 3 keywords, lesser keywords give better results for the specific string.
  • Support other social bookmarkers, like and upvote their work to get the favor returned. That’s how it works

To conclude, I would just advice you guys to keep calm, keep your work genuine and think about the audience you’re working for. Tasks like link-building are often arduous because you don’t see results in a day or two, but you’ll see soon. Just follow the guidelines and follow this link to see the best on-page practices for your website or go here to see other practices for a better ranking.

Good Luck and happy posting!