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The Global Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic (CFRP) Market is valued at $11.04 billion in 2017 and it is estimated to surpass $15.24 billion with a CAGR of 8.43% during 2018 to 2023. The End-User Industries are Automobile, Industrial, Aviation and Aerospace, Defense, Electrical & Electronic, Medical, Sports Equipment, Wind Energy, Civil Engineering, Transportation, Mining, Oil & Gas.
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North America to Dominate the Fleet Management Market

North America will dominate the Fleet Management Software Market forecast period. This is due to the use of the fleet management technologies, especially for the commercial vehicles in the region. Developed economies such as US and Canada have advanced forms of technology. Government regulations, policies, and the mandates for fleet tracking software applications will drive the growth of North American region. Asia Pacific will be the highest growing region due to the growth of the cab industry in countries such as India and China. Thes
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e countries have web and mobile based business applications.

Fleet Management Software Market Analysis Done in the Full Report:

The operations management solution will have the largest share in the Fleet Management Software Market in the forecast period. This is due to the required functionalities, such as location tracking, which gives the real time location of the vehicle. The management services segment will have the fastest growth during the forecast period due to the growing use of outsourced managed services. Integrated facility management and consultancy are the managed services that are needed by the fleet operators to update the software in the fleet management system.

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Selected Driving Factors Mentioned in the Fleet Management Software Market Report

Growing demand for logistics and support drive the growth of the GPS fleet tracking software in the forecast period.

 The need to streamline the operations for greater connectivity will spur the demand for the fleet tracking.

 Connected vehicles and smart transportation solutions by different organisations provide opportunities for the Fleet management software market.

Adoption of cloud computing in fleet will elevate the growth of the fleet management software market.

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Key Players of the Fleet Management Software Market

The key players of the Fleet Management Software Market include Cisco Systems, Fleetamatics Group PLC, and IBM Corporation. Cisco Systems helps in optimizing the fleet performance and minimizing the costs. It integrates the fleet and driver into the existing enterprise systems. Fleetamatics Group provides web based and mobile application solutions that help the fleet operators with vehicle location, fuel usage, speed and mileage. IBM uses fleet management software to streamline data capture and storage, and manage complex operations.
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