Best Things To Consider When Installing An Air Source Heat Pump
Air Source Heat Pump units mayn’t be the most beautiful of sights, but covering it isn’t a great idea at all. We have noticed many ASHP encased in wooden structures, but according to the experts, it should be open. ASHP suck air through their back and sides, and thrust cold air back out the front, as soon as all the atmosphere heat has been pulled out. If there is something in front of it, this cold air can bounce off it & get sucked back in through the sides and back.An ASHP unit operating on cold air is not going to do much! The manual of your Air source heat pump will stipulate the least distance that should be kept clear in front of the unit.You cannot install an ASHP inside your home because it’ll effectively turn your room into a refrigerator. It’ll keep cooling the same area around it until it can no longer extort any heat. For more information call us at 1-866-800-8123.
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