You are currently viewing 10L Advanced Glass Pilot Reactor Horizontal Condenser

10L Advanced Glass Pilot Reactor Horizontal Condenser

Graduated feeding Flask Include to Valve on top with 25 GL threaded Cap in Center with bottom Valve with GL18 threaded with Flask Clamping to Frame, Connecting piping to dip pipe and lid by PTFE Tubing.Reaction vessel Graduated with glass lid transparent glass for visual check during reaction , jacketed vessel easy to connect the temperature control unit , large lid allows the presence of multiple nozzle.Agitator available in various MOC like SS304/SS316/ Hastelloy / with PTFE Sleeve in Propeller, Impeller, Anchor blade for Homogeneous liquid agitation. It can work continues without any damage long lasting system without breakage due to turbulences for high viscous liquids agitation.Zero Holdup Valve for complete remover the material inside the reactor. Special design valve with sensor allow to minimum temperature sensing. Electrical Motor, Air motor, Lab Motor OHS, Vapor line with reflux head Included horizontal coil condenser with hose connector vent valve for fume and connector for Condenser inlet and outlet for cooling.

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