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360 cameras for product photography – New Cam

New Cam is the best store for buying all types of cameras. You can also find all types of camera and their accessories at affordable prices in one store.

360-degree field view captures just about everything around the sphere. Buy your favorite 360 camera for product photography from New Cam. Get the best offers and free shipping also you can online or cash on delivery both.

360 camera captures all-around area from 360 degrees. If you are a professional person in product or nature photography then You should buy a 360 camera for your needs.

360 Camera is a dual-lens action camera that simultaneously captures two 180°with UHD 4K images and automatically stitches them into a single 360° video. This single image can then be viewed with optional VR goggles or on 360 platforms, such as YouTube 360, where you can move around the image in all directions. You can also upload the stitched image into various VR editing software and enhance it before viewing it on goggles or 360 platforms.

360 PRO is the most amazing Sport Camera with Dual 360 degree Lens providing a 720-degree panoramic view. Built-in Sony COMS sensor, 360 PRO captures unbelievable high-quality videos and enables you to take attractive shots while doing any sports, even under the water!

New Cam is an Online store for buying all types of cameras and their accessories at affordable prices. Get extra benefits like free delivery, 90 Days returns, Secure payments, and 24/7 Support.

New Cam has a wide range of photography camera stock to capture your day-to-day moments. We are the best at dealing with all types of cameras at very affordable prices. Get all your must-have cameras in one place.

360 camera allows for shooting single-lens HERO-style video with unbreakable stabilization or capture immersive 360 video content.

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