Abu El Hagag Mosque

A spot inside the majestic pharaonic complex, Luxor Temple, in which the historical civilizations melt magically. To find amid the pharaonic events that had run here and there and while you wander amid the monuments of this ancient Egyptian history, it takes you to the Ayyubid era with a unique pharaonic touch. It is the enchantment of Abu El Hagag Mosque.

Abu El Hagag Mosque is a unique mosque that these majestic Pharaonic walls and pharaonic columns with ancient Egyptian decorations raise in the heart of Luxor Temple. Islamic decorations thaw in the pharaonic inscriptions as if the pharaohs embracing Islamic quintessential archaeological treasure. So it is creating a unique mix that you cannot meet like it globally. The meeting of civilizations in the cradle of history makes you feel like you are riding that magic carpet in fantasy stories. But you are in the real magic of Egypt.

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