Amazing Secrets about the history of direct selling MLM. The Untold Story

Multi-level Marketing, Network Marketing, Pyramid Schemes all fall under the general category of Direct sales or Direct selling. A mode of Selling goods or services with the help of a group of people or network of people.

If we dig in search of the History of MLM or Direct Selling, there is no recorded proof for it but actually assumptions only.

History is always like that, won’t have any recorded proof of many things. My Findings are written here
1st Direct Selling company – The history of Direct Selling was started.
Direct selling is person-to-person selling or door-to-door selling strategy.

The fact that this mode of selling was first used by peddlers and small business owners even before the 1st Direct selling company registered. We are not looking to dig that out

Southwestern company founded in 1855 was the 1st Direct selling company.

This company sold Educational books, Software, etc. by using direct selling methods. The university students or college students were their distributors or independent contractors. They recruit a few hundred to a few thousand new students as independent contractors for the company every year. This was an entrepreneurial program for students at that time.

The history of Direct selling started from this point.

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