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Best Agri Consultancy Services in Rajasthan.

Agri Consultancy Services

Based in Rajasthan, India, we are a dependable name, actively engaged in providing Agri Consultancy Services to our worthy patrons. Working with a team of diligent and highly experienced professionals has enabled us to meet varied requirements of the clients. We provide complete assistance to the patrons and render the best solution. Also, we charge moderately for our services. Success in the marketplace is determined by how well we serve our clients. Understanding our markets and using this awareness to deliver better customer support, we provide ªStart to Endº consultancy packages for all kind of agricultural activities as desired by our clients.


Generally, our comprehensive consultancy services include the following :

  • Land selection and development for suitable farm operations. We provide consultancy for selection of good agricultural lands as per need of the customer, soil quality parameters and available natural and manmade resources etc. Complete solution for developing a barren and undeveloped land into a productive fertile farm is available with us.
  • Land surveys and soil-water testing on demand. We provide knowledge for soil sampling techniques, identification of problem soils (saline, alkaline, acid soils) and their management. We train our clients with comprehensive solutions to correct or remove soil disorders, soil correction methods and their feasibility at site, selection of soil ameliorating products and soil management after amelioration procedures etc.
  • Selection of crops and laying out of farm land for identifying crops according to customer’s choice, soil type, agro-climatic conditions, crop duration, expected returns, initial investments, infrastructure availability, market demand and market flow. We also provide detailed and summarized crop economics, pros and cons in choosing particular crops, intercropping options along with comprehensive cultivation packages, modern agro-technologies for particular crops and much more as desired by the customer.
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