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Cyber Security
Cyber Security is the protection of our internet which we are using day-to-day such as hardware’s, software’s & Data From the cyber prevent this data cyber security is important. It’s also known as IT (Information Technology) Security. It protect against the illegal manipulation of systems, networks and technologies & reduce the cyber-attack risk.
To provide a good security posture against cyber-attacks, a strong cyber security strategy designed to access, delete or dissolving an organization’s or user’s systems & sensitive data.

Why Cyber Security is Important?
Cyber security is important because it involves the lot that relates to protecting our data for malicious attacks. The cyber security is very important to keep the internet age safe and well-ordered for the users. Following are the five major reasons for cyber security Importance
• Increased Cyber Crimes
• Growth of Lot Devices
• Bridge to security gap
• Cost of cyber risks
• Security of data
Increased Cyber Crimes-
In 2020 India reported 1.16 million cyber security cases in 2020, that’s 3 times more than 2019 as per data represented in parliament of India. The 3x times cyber security related issues were reported every day in a year. And that’s not only in India, Worldwide the cyber security Crimes are increased. United States is also have increased cybercrimes like India.
The cyber attackers attacks at your data and internet and stole your sensitive data and demanding a money for that data. So it is very important to have a cyber-security in any organization.
Growth of Lot Devices
Our Addiction to connect everything to the internet has increased. The increasing in smart cities with smart devices and increasing in Lots of technologies. Lots and lots of devices surrounds us from the moment we get out of home to the second we go back home. The Lots Devices are everywhere with is a rapidly growing industry. There are approximately 47 billion of devices connected for this whole year & 36 million will installed till the end of this year.

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