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best digital marketing agency in Canada

Social media marketing.
This is another extremely important form of digital marketing. Today most people spend a lot of
time on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Social media marketing is
not just about creating posts. You have to be consistent and try to interact with people so that
your name is known. Analytics is also very important because it will tell you how your posts are
performing and give you ideas about further strategy creation.
When we talk about choosing the best agency for Facebook marketing/Instagram
marketing/LinkedIn marketing Ottawa /Canada, make sure they have experience in this
department and can produce results.

Content marketing.
This form generally involves creation and promotion of content to promote brand awareness and
for traffic growth. It can be done through blog posts, ebooks, infographics, etc but make the best
use of the opportunities in every channel so that it can result in lead generation.
Pay per click (PPC).
PPC lets you drive potential customers to your website by paying a publisher every time
someone clicks your ad. Google ads is one of the most common examples of PPC. However
you can also opt for paid ads on Facebook, sponsored messages on LinkedIn, Twitter ad
campaigns, and so on.
Affiliate marketing.
It is a type of performance based promotion where whenever you promote someone else’s
products on your website, you will receive a commission.

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