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Best Herbal Product manfacturer in mumbai.

Leave alcohol without telling the persons, No taste, no smell, Herbal medicine, no side effects

When person show sign of physical addiction to alcohol and continues to drink, despite problem with physical health, mental health, social, family or job responsibility. Alcohol may come to dominate the personal life and relationships. This habitual addiction includes all types of alcohol product like country liquor,beer, wine, rum, whisky etc. Best Herbal medicine manufactur in Mumbai


We developed an ayurvedic medicine called Alcohol mukti churna which is to be given to the addicted person without bringing and telling him. After mixing it up ith any vegetable, curry, chapaties and liquid like juice, butter milk etc. when this medicine is mixed up with particular food, dosent change the colour, smell and taste of the food. So that addicted person ill never be aware of such treatment.
Nil Herbal is the leading manufacturer, supplier and marketer of certified herbal and ayurvedic product and de-addiction medicine. Nil Herbal medicine supplier & manufacturer in Mumbai.

Nil Herbal is an ISO 9001:2015 certified and WHO GMP certified company established by Mr.Harish Ananda Devarkar in 2010. Since last 10 years we are pioneer in the field of de-addiction. Around 300 plus de-addiction centers are running successfully in all over India. It is our privilege to inform that our efforts to make our nation free from all types of addiction are still spreading all over india with great success. Till now thousand of drug/alcohol/nicotine addicted people are benefitted with our efforts.

In addition to “Nasha Mukti” campaign, we have also developed and marketing successfully medicines for other common disease such as joint pain. Asthma, piles, diabetes, weight management , constipation etc. Best herbal Product supplier in Maharastra.


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