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Best Survey Site and Tool in India – Siti Survey

Siti Survey is one of India’s top survey sites. We Primarily work in the areas of political research, where we create strategies and campaigns for the party and their candidates. We also specialize in constituency polls and research work. The site also hosts various other surveys like Hotel surveys, Food & Restaurants surveys and Educational surveys. Siti survey provides you a platform where you can not just submit your own reviews but also have a look at the current scenario going on in your areas related to the fields stated above. Along with this you can also have a look at the general public opinion of your area.

Anyone who wants to conduct a survey in their area then, they can come and join us as an associate.

As this survey platform gives you top survey results, well formulated plans and strategies along with public opinions.

Siti Survey is an online Questionnaire maker site. Which provides you the all over question related to politics, ongoing problems, your area issues and problems and type of development. And also, you can give your own opinion to all these issues. If any associate wants a survey from Siti Survey, so first we create questionnaire for public opinion on that survey. Then we get review on that survey from public. So basically, it’s an online questionnaire creator site that gives you the actual review and opinions of public

Siti Survey provide you a survey platform where you can see your area trending graph, your areas ongoing problems and issues. This is a free survey maker site where you give your personal opinion too.

This survey platform gives you current and last month’s update in a single tap. Siti survey a free survey maker, user will know about their area, there state and their area elections.


  • This is free survey maker site.
  • You got all updates about your area in one click.
  • You confidentially give your opinions on any issues you have.
  • You are updated about your area trending party graph, social experiments, your area issues and problems you have and give your opinions on what type of development you want in your area.
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