Best Swimming pool Contractor in Abu dhabi

Our years of experience and a strong commitment to each customer have enabled us to make a unique presence as the Best Swimming pool company in Abu Dhabi. Contact us for Indoor & Outdoor Swimming Pool Design & Construction Services in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Building the Swimming Pool

The first step is to obtain the necessary permissions by visiting one of the Trakhees offices.

Your developer (also called a consultant) will be the one obtaining these.

1. The consultant will obtain a Master Plan Concept Design NOC; information and queries with regards to the above can be communicated to the Planning Department Administrator via +971 25571631

2. Front desk registration and acknowledgment process

3. If the project is accepted, you will receive your Serial Number through an e-mail notification

4. Once the project is distributed to the Architectural Department and approved, the consultant will receive a notification for payment terms and collection of NOC approval

Maintaining the Swimming Pool:

Surely, having a swimming pool in your home is a very cool thing, but it also needs some care.

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