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Donation Management System

Either you are managing a small or large fast growing non profit organization it is certain that you need a Donation Management System that is impeccable and rich in features. Raising funds, managing events, keeping accounts accurate, looking after the employees at the office , and monitoring all the activities at the same time is a hectic job. Overwhelmed with various tasks means collapsing on a desk, running out of ideas and creativity, this means it’s time for you to implement a Donation Management System without wasting any time. The digital technology provides a perfect platform for charity and nonprofits organizations to save time, efforts and boost fundraising in a more systematic and transparent way.
Cordis Technology understands that only the best and capable Donation Management System can help institutions to streamline and simplify their operations, build strong and engaging relationships with donors and show transparency of accounts. Moreover, the ERP should initiate targeting campaigns for more fundraising. We bring you the web-based program that can assist in scheduling volunteers, organize large or small events and accept online payments all in one place. Along with other practical features, it constantly captures important fundraising data for sorting and organizing in a manner that is easily accessible all the time. These analytical reports can be generated on-demand or by scheduling it for the team.
Cordis Technology knows how important your donors are, therefore, we offer automated customized acknowledgments for donors whenever your organization receives donations. The flexibility of processing various payment methods comes with built-in tools for record keeping and visibility. An automated system that’s designed to manage your donors and their donations, you can keep track of every donation that comes in and donors information as well. This donor data is essential to identify donors’ trends, organize their profile and make recommendations to increase the likelihood of receiving future donations.

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