ecommerce website development

Over through affiliate marketing or from the ads that you run on the site. Affiliate marketing means that when you sign up to be an affiliate of a specific product, every time someone buys the product using the link on your website design, you get to cut from what the customer paid. Some subscription-based services even continue paying you a percentage for several months, some price, comparison websites, also run ads, the most popular way to do.

Is through Google adsets. How much can you earn from ads? It depends on your niche. As some advertisers are ready to pay more than others, the most important factor. However, is the traffic. How many people can you attract to your website? The price aggregator will definitely make your website more useful for people to visit.

So how to start a price comparison website. First find your niche. Will you review the best gaming computers or will you help people buy Christmas gifts on a budget, second select the specific products or services that you want to feature on your website, which websites could you collect data from third, monetize your eCommerce website.

Set up affiliate programs with the products that you’ll be featuring on it, or register for a Google AdSense account. If you want to run ads, finally choose your web scraping tool and proxies to start collecting the data. Wait a minute. Scraping proxies. What is that? It’s no secret that price comparison websites would be no good if they didn’t provide you with the best deals in the market, but deals come and go and prices change.

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