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Grofers Clone

If you wonder an Grofers clone solution will be the best fit for your grocery delivery business, then the answer is Yes!
With the pandemic ravaging, more and more people are looking for ways to get groceries delivered to their doorsteps fresh and safe. You can help them by providing a solution that is developed using the Grofers clone script of Uberdoo.

Features in light of the COVID-19 virus

Because of the pandemic, the Grofers clone solutions are innovatively taking precautionary measures to deliver groceries and other essentials to the customers’ doorsteps.

Listed below are some features that can be incorporated in the Instacart clone app.

• Zero-Contact Delivery to ensure that there is no physical contact when the delivery is done. The delivery will be left at the doorsteps, and the customers will be notified regarding the same.

• Priority Based Delivery where the delivery request will be automatically prioritized based on the age of the customers.

• Smart Mask Recognition Software where the Instacart clone ascertains that the delivery personnel is wearing masks at all times and has taken all the precautionary measures.

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