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Heart Transplant Doctor in Delhi

A successful Heart Transplant Surgery in Delhi allows the patient to survive normally for long with better life quality. The operation wherein a diseased or declining heart is replaced with a healthy heart received from a heart donor is called heart transplantation. It is an open heart surgical procedure that is carried out when the heart can no longer work effectively and respond to any treatment. It is the best solution for those patients who are suffering from end-stage heart disease. The patient’s general health becomes improved because of a healthy heart. There are fewer chances of re-hospitalization in transplant recipients. Moreover, after heart transplantation surgery, individuals feel highly energetic that makes them cope with daily activities, and they can easily work, travel, and play sports without discomfort. The surgery must be carried out by an experienced and expert Heart Transplant Doctor in Delhi to avoid any potential risks. Dr. Sujay Shad, Director of Cardiac Transplants at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi, is an expert in performing Heart Transplants, Coronary Bypasses, HOCM, Aortic Surgery, Mitral Valve repairs and replacements, and many more Life-Saving Heart Surgeries. Meet Dr. Sujay Shad know more about heart treatments and transplantation surgery cost in India.

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