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Hire Mobile Developers Remotely in 2021 with Turing

Hire mobile developers of superior quality at half the cost in 2021. Work with timezone-friendly, full-time mobile developers and scale your engg. team within 3-5 days. It gives companies an immense opportunity to access millions of potential consumers at their fingertips. Mobile app development is often an ongoing project as it requires regular updates and new versions to keep up with the ever-shifting mobile technology landscape. Therefore, companies that want to grab a large share of the new-age audience must hire the best mobile developers. A top mobile engineer is someone who is strategic in his/her approach, marketing savvy, UI/UX experienced and knows how to conceive and build top-notch mobile apps. But hiring the best mobile developers is difficult, as thousands of companies compete to recruit from the limited pool of skilled engineers. The shortage of skilled developers also means hiring quality mobile developers is a costly and time-consuming affair. Turing helps companies hire experienced remote mobile engineers pre-vetted for a Silicon Valley bar at half the price. We select the best remote mobile developers after testing their expertise in many areas like Java, Kotlin, iOS-Swift, Objective-C, XML, Android SDK, Android Studio, APIs, databases, material design, etc.

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