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How AI-based BI Helps in Making Data-driven Decisions

Business Intelligence extracts pivotal facts from a large amount of unstructured data and converts them into actionable information which enables companies to make informed strategic decisions. It improves operations efficiency and business productivity as well. The actionable data provides crucial insights that will reveal the underlying currents of customer behavior, their likes-dislikes, online shopping behavior and experience. Contact centers handle thousands of customer interactions every day which holds virtually untapped vital insights that can be efficiently leveraged to provide fruitful value to businesses.

Business Intelligence tools help companies with rich data resources which helps them to achieve their business goals and targets by guiding timely strategic decisions. Interactions through voice calls, chat interactions, email – everything gets analyzed thoroughly by business intelligence gathering teams to straighten out the facts such as customer preferences, likes-dislikes of customers; technical difficulties faced by customers; customer reactions to promotions; and the online shopping customer experience on the website. All these analyses will lead to improving conversion rates and much more

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