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What is Framework?
In the world of software development or programming, the framework is a technical layered system showcasing the kind of programs, structure and their inter-relation. As an app itself, it takes all the necessary steps to make a user application on its own.

It can also be said as a set of technical templates or plans to avoid programming errors. It is used for multiple projects and is mainstream in the web app process.

What is JavaScript Framework?
JS framework is an application and code library for the developers to use conveniently for programming. They are used for creating websites or web pages irrespective of starting from scratch. It easily understands JavaScript and considers it a high-level machine language.

This framework is also popular for its device responsiveness and for building interactive multimedia content. It can be further useful for gaming sections, server apps and much more.

Popularity of JavaScript
The popularity of JS increased over the years for its responsive elements. Things like menus, animations, video players, guides, and surprisingly basic in-browser games can be made rapidly and effectively with JavaScript. It has some of the interesting factors to become popular:

Welcoming Language – as per the usage of the client and their website, 96.8% of the developers are operating via JS. In addition, node.js is also a “JavaScript runtime environment” that will permit you to use anywhere in the browser.
Impact Community– JavaScript has contributed a lot in the field of programmers. This has left a powerful impact in the technology world. Seeing the growing result, it has then collaborated with Github. Also the huge community of developers created infinite articles on its programming system. Therefore, they have gathered a bundle of knowledge regarding increasing its community.
Easy Learn– learning with JavaScript is quite simple. You need a knowledge of basic HTML and CSS along with a text editor and a browser for coding in less time. Its syntax is also very easy to adopt and natural unlike others.
There is also availability of a large amount of books, boot camps, online centres and tutorials for practical practice of JavaScript.

Flexible character– its flexibility is such an ace that you can surely utilize it to assemble your back-end as you’re front-end. It saves time in terms of flexibility.
There are numerous structures that license us to effortlessly make the interface of the application like Angular, React, Vue, and etc.

For creating backend, it’s only relevant to know different programming languages, database, API and use of node.js. For frontend mobile, it’s important to utilise other frameworks like react native, Flutter or anyone.

Renowned influencers– famous social media like Yahoo, Netflix, PayPal, and much more have built their web page on JavaScript. Browser extensions like HubSpot, Lastpass, and AdBlock + have made their history under the JavaScript language. Also everyone’s favourite Facebook always has a supportive team of React and React native for any change.
Career opportunities– especially after the covid-19 condition, it has been found that demand arises for people skilled in JavaScript. As it has become more of a choice language, therefore most preferred by the developers to choose.

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