Kids Crafts

Crafts Clay and Play For Kids – Educational Videos For Toddlers .
Levia makes crafts for kids. 6 different rainbow craft kit, bath bomb, clay crafts, party lights, and bubble paintings.

Levia is 4 and is very inquisitive. She wonders about many things all around her, from her body to things in outer space.
As Levia learns, we share it on her channel through our Learn With Levia shows.
Levia loves to play with toys.
She loves typical girl toys but she also likes to play with trains, trucks, and cars as we try to expose
her to as many different things as possible so she can discover her likes and dislikes.
Levia is an introvert most of the time, she prefers to observe, but at times, she can really come out
of her shell and lead the kids on the playground in imaginary play. She loves to be tickled and loves to laugh.

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