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Must-know Technologies for Front-end Developers

Front-end web development is the practice of converting data to a graphical interface, through the use of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, so that users can view and interact with that data. A front-end developer is the one that architects and develops all the interactive components necessary in the front-end.
Basic Technologies that a Front-end Developer Should Know
A front-end developer must be well aware of a few technologies to work on a front-end. Below are the technologies as follows;
HTML: HyperText Markup Language is a language that is understood by browsers, and it allows browsers to understand the web page.
CSS: Cascading Style Sheet is used for style and layout for the elements of a web page.
JavaScript: JavaScript runs in the background and takes care of the user click event by changing the image from one to another.

Advanced Technologies in Front-end Development.
Although there are many essential technologies to take care of the front-end development, a few advanced technologies are necessary. These advanced technologies make the development process complete and give the desired results.
JS Frameworks
CSS Preprocessors
CSS Frameworks
JS Frameworks: JavaScript frameworks allow you to focus on the problem while building a JavaScript application. These frameworks help you take care of many things like navigation, button click, and management. A few top JavaScript frameworks are as follows.
ReactJS: It is developed and maintained by Facebook and works as a code base for rendering.
Angular: It is a full flux framework maintained by Google.
VueJS: It is an easy version of Angular created by Evan You, a google employee.

CSS Preprocessors: A CSS preprocessor is a program that lets you generate CSS from the preprocessor’s own unique syntax. A few popular tools are as follows;

CSS Frameworks: It is a code library that contains a lot of prewritten code to create common UI tasks quicker and easier. A few of the CSS frameworks are:
Now you have known the must-know technologies of front-end developers, start selecting the right developers for your front-end development needs.

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