Organic grocery shopping

At the core of Farmers & Sons is our commitment towards nutritious living and contribution towards building a healthy society. We work together with several like-minded farmers in growing genuine farm produce.
All our products are authentic and support good health, these products are grown and delivered to you with loving care.
By choosing our products you are motivating the much-needed health culture, and your purchase will encourage thousands of farmers like us who support the cause of healthy product for healthy living.

Farmers & Sons will be one of the most trusted Organic / Natural food and lifestyle brand in India and abroad, we will achieve a prominent position by offering genuine products along with high class service standards.
We will be committed to nutritious living and contribute towards building a healthy society.
Our core business principles are.

Unparallel Service Standards
Genuine Quality Products
Maximum Market Reach
Customer Satisfaction
Revenue Generation and Optimization
It all began in January 2019 when we were discussing about the stressful work culture and deteriorating health levels of people, some of us had colleagues who were just in their 30’s and had medical conditions that we had never heard of.
Our discussion was never ending, but we all agreed that unhealthy and untimely eating habits and lack of exercise could be some of the major contributing factors, we also feared that such health concerns may become regular incidents in future, the thought was scary and shook us all.
We wanted to do something about it, either we accept the current lifestyle of people and slowly become a part of that culture, or we can try to change ourselves and people around us.
Our families are farmers for generations, and we always cherished the memories of our childhood, it was spent on farms where we always ate fresh and chemical free food, we played a lot with friends, farm animals and breathed fresh air.
We believe that the business which makes people happy and healthy is a good business.
Thus, we decided to introduce you to our world. The idea was shared with likeminded farmers who happily came on board and that is how the journey began.
We believe in quality and chemical free eating and provide you the same quality food that our families eat and use in our kitchen.

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