You are currently viewing Overivew of Utmel Free dBm to Watts Converter Tool Online

Overivew of Utmel Free dBm to Watts Converter Tool Online

Convert -40 dBm to Watt dBm to W/mW Converter Calculator. dBm or dBW to mW or W Converter. Quickly and easily convert RF power between decibel-milliwatts (dBm) to Watts using Utmel’s dBm to Watts Conversion Calculator. It supports dBm. Watts. 0, 1.0 mW. 1, 1.26 mW. 2, 1.58 mW. 3, 2.00 mW. 4, 2.51 mW. 5, 3.16 mW. 6, 3.98 mW. 7, 5.01 mW. 8, 6.31 mW. 9, 7.94 mW. 10, 10.00 mW. Decibels are used to represent the ratio of two quantities of power: db = 10 log P1/P0 . In the case of dbm the reference power P0 is 1 milliwatt : dbm = 10 log P1/1mw. Inverting this equation gives the power in terms of the reference power: P1= P010db/10. You just need to enter a number in the Decibel-milliwatt space and it will give you the result of Watt quickly.

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