Property tax consultants El Paso Texas

How Can The El Paso Appraisal District Over-Tax 10312 Chinaberry Dr By 74%?
Home address: 10312 Chinaberry Dr
2021 Taxable Value: $175,210
Recent Sales Price:$100,500 – Over-taxed by 74%

Appraisal district errors in setting assessed values cause El Paso County owners to pay extra taxes. Protesting the appraisal district’s market value will usually reduce your property taxes. Property owners can appeal both market value and unequal appraisal. The Texas Comptroller reports 80% of 2019 property tax appeals by homeowners were successful.

Some homeowners believe “you can’t fight city hall.” But property owners win 60 to 80% of property tax appeals. It is difficult for appraisal districts to accurately value homes since they rarely or never see the houses. One reason appraisal districts are motivated to settle protests is to maintain goodwill with the community. Appraisal property taxes, yard work, and HVAC check-ups are just a few of the responsibilities for homeowners.

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