Sound Barriers for floors and walls


Low thermal conductivity
Very high water vapour difussion resistance
It meets Class 1 fire safety as per BS 476 PART 7
Ozone depleting substances are not used in the process and not present in the product.
Quick & easy to install with no special tools.
Suitable for indoor usage
Best for clean room applications
Good Acoustic Performance
Superior thermal insulation properties
Prevents condensation
Good for Environment
FM approved
Smooth surface and dirt free

Commercial Spaces Factories Hangers Warehouse
Residential Buildings
Properties Value / Value Range UOM Standard Applied
Nominal Thickness 8 (± 1mm) mm –
Packing Standard (WxL) 1.2 × 40 m –
Density 40-60 kg/m3 ASTMD1056
Service Temperature -40 to +110 °C –
Emissivity 88 % ASTM C1371/E903
Thermal Conductivity @20°C ≤ 0.033 W/mK –
Thermal Resistance @20°C 0.227/0.106 m2 K/W ASTM C423/ISO354
Noise reduction coefficient 0.25 – –
Water Vapor Diffusion resistance index ≥12000 – ASTM E-96
Bleeding & Delamination Test Pass – ASTM C1224
Fungal Resistance Test No growth – ASTM G21
Ozone Depleting substances (CFC/HCFC) Not detected – GC-MS
Surface flame spread Class 1 – BS-476 Part 7
Rate of burning Pass – HB (UL 94)
Practical fire behavior Self Extinguishing,does not drip – ASTM D635
Odour Negligible – –

ALP Aeroflex India Pvt. Ltd. is a joint venture of ALP Overseas Pvt. Ltd. of India and Eastern Polymer Industries of Thailand for the manufacture of ALP Aeroflex brand of EPDM and Nitrile Insulation Sheets, Tubes and Accessories for the HVAC & R Industry.
The company offers a complete range of insulation products and accessories. Along with this, the state of art facility used here helps to leverage our products and services toward perfection by offering premium quality. Our products include closed cell elastomeric Nitrile and EPDM rubber sheets and tubes. These are available in various length, thickness, and dimensions. We offer special products like Accosound, Accofoam, Antimicrobial, High Strength, High Temperature sheets and Self sealing Pre-slit tubes that are available for customized applications. There are accessories which include Flexible ducts, Aluminum Tapes, Foam Tapes, Cork tapes, Pipe Support Systems special Adhesives and Paints for insulation material etc. There is also provision for providing Aluminum foil lamination, Glass Cloth lamination, 350 Micron cladding, and Adhesive coating.

The underlying feature of all our products is that they are environment friendly. Additionally, they save energy in an eco-friendly manner and meet all standards of safety. In fact, our company

offers high quality, high efficiency innovative products with excellent customer service. Our company is driven to deliver products that suit the requirements of individual clients. Thus our clients often call us a company that offers ‘great products that are driven towards excellence!’

ALP Aeroflex has its corporate office in, Gurgaon (Haryana) India and it has its plant in Rudrapur, Uttarakhand.

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