The Valley of The Kings

Can you imagine a day that you can attend the rituals that the ancient Egyptians had performed for their dead kings to move to the afterlife, where they would live as gods? From building the tomb and embalmment the king’s body to transport the Mummy in a solemn ceremony to pass the body and complete the burial customs, and finally, hide the tomb completely, The Valley of the Kings is the place where history revives since 1539-1075 BC.

In that Secret Place, which is the Valley of the Kings, you can live the Ancient Egyptians beliefs that are the mystery to reviving their civilization till now, and you can salute Kings Bodies

A long narrow winding path surrounded by heights includes 62 Pharaohs who were buried from the Egyptian New kingdom. Just cross the Nile to the west bank where the ancient Egyptians dead with the sun sets, which relives again from the east, then the pharaoh begins his other life to live in his tomb. That was called the -funeral journey of the deceased with the solar god in the boat that connects him to the other world.

As a result, the tomb in the Valley of the Kings was closed tightly and never opened after the corpse had passed and the burial ceremony had been completed. Therefore, they spilled at the entrance of the tomb debris, dust, and stones to hide the tomb completely. And no one had to know the place of these tombs to keep the kings’ bodies and their treasure, which had been set to the pharaohs to enjoy their next life.

For this same reason, drawings and inscriptions related to the other world and its inhabitants in all the tomb parts were painted, starting from its entrance, its vaults, corridors, and the burial hall. When visiting these tombs, you can see with your own eye all these decorations that had been drilled by the ancient Egyptians hands.

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