Things to Consider to while wash your face mask

During this pandemic, wearing a face mask is inevitable for working professionals. Non-
medical masks have been highly popular among the public. It is essential to make sure that
these masks are cleaned to maintain their hygiene.

Use a reusable face mask

It is an ideal way to purchase a reusable face mask. The face mask should be easy to wash as
well. There are face masks available for one-time use which normally are of medical grade
and are commonly used by the medical staff members. This kind of single-use face mask
needs to be disposed of immediately as there are high chances that the virus may live on the
surface of the face mask. Hence, it is highly preferable to use reusable cotton masks. The
single-use face masks that are not of medical grade require it to be purchased in bulk amount
and hence it is highly expensive. In addition, it is also not sustainable. This is the reason it is
recommended to purchase reusable face masks.

Ensure your face mask is washed after each use

The face mask needs to be washed daily, as recommended by the Center for Disease Control
and Prevention. The face mask needs to be washed after every single use, as the mask may
come into contact with the virus after every single use.

Wash your face mask using hot water

Wash the face mask with hot water where the temperature is high enough that the germs get
killed during the washing process. Such high degrees of temperature water can be tolerated
only by cotton masks and this is the reason why cotton masks are recommended over the
others. Steam ironing the face masks can also kill the germs to some extent.

Air dry your face mask

Drying the face mask in a tumble dryer is considered an ideal way, as it will kill the germs to
a greater extent. Ensure that the elasticity of the non-medical grade mask is not last during
this process. This process, however, will not affect the cloth tie of your mask.

Don’t let others touch your face mask

It is one of the essential things to take care of that goes without saying. Make sure not to let
your face mask comes in contact with others. Even if your personal face mask is washed by
the nanny make sure they wear gloves while washing. This should be strictly followed by the
parents who go to work daily.

Summing up

The reason why medical-grade face masks are not recommended to be purchased by the
citizens. It is meant and needs to be saved for the medical practitioners to use it, as they are in
very much need of it. However, cotton face masks are preferred over other fabrics as it can
tolerate high temperature and is easy to wash thereby getting rid of the germs completely.

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