Umar Farooq Zahoor Dubai

Umar Farooq Zahoor: The Successful Businessman

Umar Farooq Zahoor is one of the most eminent businessmen of modern times. He was born 1975 in Oslo, Norway in a traditional businessman family. His cultural background has made him imbibe strong values and ethics. Despite being one of the most prominent business personalities he is considered to be a very warm-hearted person. He started his highly successful career by opening a travel company at a very young age of 18. Tasting success, he understood the intricacies of business and he developed a passion for business. In a way, he began his career from scratch and has come a long way in becoming a renowned serial entrepreneur, successful, a philanthropist from Dubai.
During his stint as the former Director, AMERI Group he clinched many profitable deals for the company in various sectors like oil, gas, energy, power, infrastructure and real estate. With his strategic decisions, he helped AMERI Group in business expansions in various other countries. He has grown leaps and bounds and today has across many companies around the globe. His smart strategies have helped in nurturing the new companies and drive those companies to reach their objectives. He is definitely gifted as he is known for making the right decisions at the appropriate time. Through his leadership skills, he has built a large and profitable portfolio over the years, with a reputation of tapping opportunities in emerging markets of the world. His hunger for even more success makes him a globe-trotter always looking out for newer adventures. Due to recent pacts and strengthening of ties between the United Arab Emirates with Hong Kong and Malaysia he recently visited both these countries to explore the scope of businesses there. He had also paid a visit to the Republic of Tabaristan where he had a meeting with the head of the Tabaristan Development Agency and several prominent businessmen there to discuss new possibilities and scope. Mr. Zahoor has a great understanding of global trends economically and on a wider business level, it helps him in defining his business strategies.
Umar Farooq Zahoor is highly devoted and passionate about making his companies succeed. He is always involved in meetings in person or calls with his expert team members and takes feedback and gives instructions. He is always willing to gather information and implementing more developed strategies in his businesses. Usually, he has hectic schedules overseeing such a large portfolio of companies. At times, he takes a well-deserved break and goes on vacation to have some peaceful life. He is fond of many water sports and skydiving. He was seen recently on a vacation in the Island nation of Mauritius.
He has had a very enthusiastic and inspiring career. Many international stars on their trip to Dubai love to meet Umar Farooq Zahoor. French Montana the famous rap artist met him before his concert in Dubai. Another famous American singer Alaine Damara Badura Akon widely known as Akon who was invited to speak at Sharjah Entrepreneurship Festival also met him. Mr. Zahoor has been seen with several other stars over the years. Both philanthropists shared a common platform. Umar Farooq Zahoor is known for playing an active role in many philanthropic organizations. He is a firm believer in this work and giving it back to society. He can be seen doing lots of CSR activities and other social development work.
No doubt, he is considered as a role model by many youngsters venturing into the business field. His inspirational and hugely successful career by taking smart decisions will continue to inspire many people.

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