Video Marketing Case Study For Travel Business

This Video marketing case study is about the United Airlines Video Marketing strategy that help travel company to gain 50% more customers. This article is for students,working professional and business owners to understand how video marketing strategy work in practical market. This digital video marketing strategy has helped many individuals and business.
This case study speaks about how a brand market the video to change the behaviour of the customer
United Airlines created a 15-second video featuring people on holiday in breathtaking places. Their marketing team then used TrueView for action to create a strong call to action that directed users straight to their website.

Marketing campaigns have one big goal: “We want to inspire people to travel,” the company’s managing director of merchandising and personalization, Kajal Narasimha, told us. For this campaign, United wanted to drive greater conversions by testing more personalized and engaging media. To achieve that, the team created a 15-second video featuring people on vacation in breathtaking places — sandy beaches, bustling markets, Alpine wonderlands — rewinding back to the one step they all took to get there. Booking a flight.
The strategy was a success. In just one month, 52% of conversions attributed to YouTube were click-through conversions directly from the ad,1 showing the effectiveness of this format in driving immediate website visits. “Our acquisition team is excited about experimenting more with video to encourage customers to book their next trip with United,” said Narasimha.

For United, this video campaign was all about giving undecided travelers enough of a nudge to persuade them to book. So rather than trying to reach as many people as possible, the team focused only on those who were already considering booking a vacation.

Video works for more than just brand awareness. With a timely, relevant ad and a strong call to action, United made it incredibly easy for customers to follow through and book a flight. In your own video acquisition marketing campaigns, be clear about the action you want viewers to take and help them seamlessly go from passive viewer to active participant.

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