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What is your colour

If you are finding it difficult to incorporate more colour into your wardrobe, don’t worry. We are back again to help you figure out the most flattering shades for you! JUNCTION STORE Stylist will not only help you choose the right shades but also help you wear colour which makes you stand out in a crowd.
Let us take glance at what experts in our industry have to say about skin tones and colours. Cristina Ehrlich says “The first thing I do with a new client is study their skin tone and figure out what’s going to look best. It’s easy to wear black, but colour can be so beautiful.” Not to forget our very own personal stylist Trish Murray, who says ‘when it comes to selecting colours that compliment your complexion, there are three aspects to take into consideration: skin tone, hair colour and eye colour.’
Surprised to know that your skin undertone will tell you Your Colour? Well, Yes! The first and foremost step in assessing what colours would suit you is determining your skin undertone. Don’t get alarmed with this fashion industry jargon ‘skin undertone’. Your skin undertone is nothing but the hue that comes through the skin from underneath its surface. If your complexion has more blue, pink, and red hues then your undertone as ‘cool’. Yellow, peach, and golden hues are considered ‘warm’. Those who do not have cool or warm undertones are said to have ‘neutral’ undertones. Too tricky to understand? Don’ worry! JUNCTION STORE stylist has some simple tricks to help you determine your skin undertone.
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