Zero to One Beginner Case Interview Course

Zero to One Beginner Course, Case Interview Prep. Track record of preparing candidates to land McKinsey, BCG, and Oliver Wyman offers for US, UK, HK, SG, and UAE offices.
Our 9 Live + 1 Recorded

practice-based coaching course equips you with the critical technicques to crack the most important case interview types.

It’s hard for beginners to complete a whole case, thus coaches will provide real-time feedback throughout the session, allowing you to work on improvement areas and perfect each part of the case interview.

You have access to book all coaches on the platform. Your progress will be tracked through written evaluation forms thus coaches are aware of progress and your improvement areas in each session.

This coaching course is suitable for beginner to medium-level candidates


Interview coaching style is tailored to the targeted candidates instead of a standard mock case interview practice.

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