Adhoc Networks is a education from Jaipur
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Summer Industrial Training 2019 Program for B.E./B.Tech
adhocnetworks 121 days ago
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is dealing with the latest and upcoming technologies like Data science specialization in machine learning, deep learning and AI with AWS, Data analytics specialization in big data bricks, spark, DevOps/Automation tools (Ansible, Puppet, Chef, Salt, Jenkins, Cloud Foundry, Kubernetes, Openshift, Rancher, Dockers & Containers etc.), Continuous Integration/ Continuous Deployment, Networking & Security (CCNA, CCNP, VPN, Sourcefire, SDN, Firewalls, Pentesting Server/Wireless, Ethical Hacking, OWASP, Metasploit).
Contact Us:
Visit: https://bit.ly/2H5ZH0L
Mobile: +918800882664